Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Undercut with Long Hair for Men

The undercut has been one of the hottest cuts for men this year. The shaved sides can be a part of any hairstyle and any hair length. Here’s how to wear the undercut with long hair for men.

Long hair for men is usually straight forward. Grow hair long, get it cut, ponytail, done. A way to get a modern update that also cleans up hair is adding an undercut. Usually hair is shaved all the way around the sides and back but for longer hair, you probably want to shave a smaller area.

This cut shaves the side burns, just behind the ear, and all the way around the hairline. This creates a unique profile when hair is tied back and gives a clean cut finish. To get this smooth and groomed ponytail, use a lightweight pomade like blowPro mane tame soft pomade to prevent fly aways.

Of course, any hair cut short will have to grow long again. To cover the area while it’s growing out, you’ll have to wear hair down. Hair extensions are an option if you are very dedicated to long hair.

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