Selasa, 10 Desember 2013

Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair – Long Bangs

Long bangs are a key to the best hairstyles for men with thinning hair. When the issue is a receding hairline, fringe is the best weapon. This is not an obvious Donald Trump comb over but a classic medium length men’s hairstyle. In fact, hair worn brushed forward across the forehead was Justin Bieber‘s signature look until recently.

This cool grown up version features hair grown long all over, especially at the top, and no part. Layers are cut at different lengths, with long bangs at the front that sweep across the forehead. In addition to covering a receding hairline, this is a good haircut for long or angular faces. To ensure hair stays in place, use product that is designed for your hair type, whether it’s fine or thick. For more coarse wavy or curly hair, a closer cropped Caesar cut is the best haircut for thinning hair.

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