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Curly Hair Men – How To Cut It Yourself

In Men’s Hairstyle Trends barber versus stylist posts, stylists were the recommended option for men with curly hair. One option that wasn’t mentioned was cutting curly hair yourself. Many people with curly hair, men and women, opt to cut their own hair out of frustration or for the sheer convenience. Whether you have short or longer curly hair, here’s how to cut it yourself. These techniques will work to sculpt new styles or for trims between haircuts.

1. Any at home haircutting requires professional quality scissors. A good pair purchased  on-line or at a beauty supply store may cost up to or over $100 but it’s an investment that will pay for itself over and over again. Do NOT use regular household scissors.

2. Start with dry hair – this will show how curls tend to sit as well as the length of dry hair. Before you get started, shake your head from side to side so curls naturally position themselves.

3. Be sure to cut hair in front of a big mirror with plenty of light. Nothing else will help if you can’t see well.

4. Now, finally to the cutting. Unlike straight hair which can be trimmed in chunks, curly hair is cut by the individual curl unit. Take a look at the profile of your hair, decide where you want to cut, and take the first curl into your hands.

5. Hold the curl in one hand, the scissors in the other, and snip hair straight across. Curls are a continuous S shape – aim the cut in the middle of an S, at a C to maintain curls.

6. Be careful to trim the same amount on both sides of your head. It’s natural to concentrate on the side most comfortable for your dominant hand but that will not lead to a desirable even shape.

In addition to cutting hair at home, check out these tips for how to style curly hair.

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