Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Cool Medium Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

For some men, cutting hair short is the solution to effortlessly dealing with hair. But if you want to make the most of the full head of hair (that you’re lucky to have), grow hair medium length. This slicked back do is one of the top cool medium hairstyles for men with thick hair for 2013.

Slick hair has been one of the most popular styles this year, whether you wear it with preppy, hipster, or formal dress. It’s a great option for thick hair because longer hair gives product more surface area to work with. And with the right products, this is an easy look to style.

This cut is considered medium length because hair on top is several inches long, in contrast to 1″ or so long short cuts. With longish hair, regular shampooing and conditioning is essential to keeping hair clean, healthy, and easy to style.

Depending on your hair type or morning routine, adding a blow dryer to the mix can make thick hair more manageable as well as get you out the door faster. For men’s hair, it doesn’t have to be anything especially powerful or elaborate. A travel size hair dryer will do the trick and save space too. Check out this slick hair how to to for the rest of styling details plus product recommendations.

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