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How to Style Thick Hair Men

If you’re a man with thick hair, consider yourself lucky. You have lots of texture, volume, and styling options. Whether you keep hair short or longer, your thick hair will look its best with these tips.

Here’s how to style thick hair men:

1. Not too clean. Thick hair has some properties similar to curly hair. The scalp oils that naturally keep hair healthy and moisturized have a hard time traveling from root to tip. This means thick hair can tend to be dry and even frizzy.

To manage this, shampoo often but not everyday. Start alternating days and work up to only shampooing once or twice a week.

Using a moisturizing shampoo that is sulfate and silicon free will also help. Finally, rinse hair with cold(er) water to minimize frizz.

2. Daily conditioning. Conditioner is not just for girls. It especially beneficial for thick hair, adding moisture and minimizing environmental exposure to sun, heat, and other elements.

3. Dry rub. The biggest impact on your hair isn’t washing or product by how you dry hair. Gently pat hair dry rather than giving it a vigorous rubbing, which can damage hair and causes frizz.

4. The right stuff. Men’s hair is all about finding the right product for your hair type and chosen hairstyle. Thick hair needs some extra strength hold to be spiked up, slicked back, or stay in place.

A few of the best products for men with thick hair are L’Oreal Overworked Hair Putty How to Style Thick Hair Men, Redken Rough Clay 20 How to Style Thick Hair Men, and Uppercut Matt Clay How to Style Thick Hair Men (it holds like a beast!).

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