Minggu, 29 Desember 2013

How to Wear the Channing Tatum Crew Cut

While demonstrating an excellent rage in roles from Step Up to Magic Mike and the hilarious JCVD splits parody video, Channing Tatum has a niche in military roles, especially as G.I. Joe’s Duke. Here’s how to get the army-inspired Channing Tatum crew cut with Hollywood style.

The crew cut is short but has more shape and style than a buzz cut that has shaves hair into one length all over the head. It’s all about leaving a little extra length on top that can be spiked up. Keep the side burns extra short to get this clean cut and freshly shaven look.

This is one of the few haircuts that hair gel is recommended for. At this length, that crunchy, flaky finish that gives gel a bad name is easy to avoid. Even with short hair, take care of it by using an alcohol-free formula like Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel that is good for hair as well as sensitive scalp skin. Also check out these gentle shampoo options.

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