Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

Cool Asian Hairstyles for Guys

Combine an old favorite with the hottest new mens hairstyles and you get cool asian hairstyles for guys. The undercut, worn slightly grown out, combined with hair worn spiked up is just as clean cut as it is stylish.

Undercut hair has been growing in popularity throughout 2012 and will get even bigger in 2013. You can wear it higher or lower on the head and shaved close or worn a touch longer, as seen above.

For the top, hair can be any length you like – from shorter to medium length. To get this modern vintage look by styling hair across the head in a version of slick hair that is perfect for daytime.

Getting the look right is all about using the right product – with plenty of hold and only a hint of shine. Try Mitch Reformer Strong Hold/Matte Finish Texturizer, Alterna Hair Concrete, or Sebastian Craft Clay.

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