Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Mens Hairstyle Trends for Curly Hair

It’s been the year for slicked back hair but what does that mean for men with curly hair? We’re never going to tell you to get out a flat iron at Mens Hairstyle Trends (although, occasionally a blow dryer).

Here’s how to wear mens hairstyle trends for curly hair.

Slick curly hair is a little different but still has the same sophisticated retro cool. Like most hairstyles, it all starts with a great cut – which is especially important for curly hair. It’s all about short sides and back, long on top. This will ensure hair looks great with or without styling.

For curly hair, this look isn’t about slicking hair back. The curls add the height that the high slick look does so what you want to do is let hair do it’s thing.

Rub a medium hold product specifically made for curls, like American Crew Curl Construct, through hair that will hold it in place, add some sheen, but not grease. Scrunch up hair on top and pull longer front to one side, leaving one or two pronounced curls. And that’s it.

You have this year’s hottest hairstyle trend and are ready for a black tie event, date, or any time you want to impress.

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