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Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of men like these two short words : Hair Loss.

It happens to some, it doesn’t happen to others, and why isn’t always clear. Genetics, lifestyle, and luck all factor into the complex equation.

The good news is you can take action. Before you commit to expensive hair regrowth products, here’s how to stop hair loss naturally. Whether you’re starting to resemble Prince William or are just starting worry, these lifestyle changes have been shown to stimulate hair growth.

1. Diet

What you eat impacts your appearance, including hair. We all know fast food, junk food, and sugar isn’t connected to peak performance, health, and attractiveness. That’s not how Gerard Butler got those 300 abs.

Protein is at the top of the list of recommended foods to promote hair growth. Hair is made of keratin, derived from protein. Sources include meat, legumes, nuts, and eggs. Further, eat only the best sources available such as grass-fed, free-range, nitrate-free meat and eggs.

Second, vegetables and fruit should be part of every meal. Eat lots of them,  in season, and avoid the dirty dozen. If budget permits, go organic all the way or skip those farmer’s market trips by subscribing to a Community Supported Agriculture program.

The best advice of all is to go paleo, aka the caveman diet. The first step is eliminating wheat, which has been connected to numerous issues including hair loss. The Standard American Diet including CAFO meat is known to result in nutrition, metabolic, and hormonal issues. Eating like a caveman is how to get 300 abs and thicker hair.

2. Exercise

Many men report that exercise stimulates hair growth. Both weight lifting and cardio exercises. It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do it. Moving the body increases blood flow, potentially aiding failing follicles.

Another added beneficial side effect is stress relief. Stress and anxiety are associated with hair loss. Further minimize the harmful impacts of stress with breathing exercises, meditation, or spending time with friends.

3. DHT Blockers

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone that is responsible for puberty and masculinity but eventually contributes to male pattern baldness. Hair follicles are sensitive to DHT, shrinking, causing abnormal hair growth, and dying. Many natural hair loss products, including supplements and shampoos block DHT.

Supplements include Saw Palmetto Stop Hair Loss Naturally or there are numerous hair loss supplements available with complex formulas.

DHT blockers can also be applied topically with hair products. Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention: Premium Organic Shampoo blocks DHT without any and harsh additives that can also contribute to hair loss.

Diet, exercise, and DHT blockers work together to prevent further hair loss and stimulate regrowth. Many men report that these simple lifestyle changes have dramatic effects on bringing back a full, healthy head of hair. There’s no reason not to try it. At the end of the day, you’ll look like a new man with a better body and head of hair.

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