Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

Medium Hairstyles for Asian Men

For a conservative hairstyle that still has lots of fun, try medium hairstyles for Asian men. This straight shag is as fashionable as it is professional, and is similar to Kim Bum’s hairstyle from Boys Before Flowers.

 The best part of this shag hair is the medium length – layers are cut all around the head with bangs that cover the whole forehead. Hair around the sides and back also have some length but taper down for a clean cut look. This cut works for all face shapes, even round – just style hair tall at the top like in the photo.

Medium hairstyles for Asian men can be styled lots of different ways – try wearing it spiked up, in a faux hawk, or slicked back. A recommended product for these looks is Gatsby Ultra Hard hair wax.

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