Jumat, 08 November 2013

Cut Your Hair Now: 5 Top Mens Hair Trends 2013

Get your hair cut now with one of the 5 top mens hair trends of 2013. This year and especially summer has been all about the undercut. Here are 5 different ways to rock shaved sides – from preppy to punk to asymmetrical.

Shaved sides have been one of the hottest looks of 2013. This asymmetrical haircut for men takes this trend to the next level. One side of hair is left long while the opposite side is cut short. Longer hair swoops across forehead but would also look great worn slicked.

The undercut is everywhere this year – runways, sports fields, and magazine pages. The shaved sides are typically worn with hair combed across to one side. This edgy version is a wide mohawk rather than shaving the sides and back of hair.

If you’re wanting a bold new look, look no further. The undercut accentuates the height of spike hair, making it seem taller. Get these skyscraping spikes with Sebastian Microweb Fiber.

The undercut trend works for every hair type, especially for thick, wavy, and curly hair. Hair at the sides can be shaved close for this strong contrast or left slightly longer.

Here’s a hot look for 2013 that is at home at a hipster bar as an office. The side are close cropped but lower on the head. Hair on top is parted to one side and combed across the head in the hottest slick style.

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