Jumat, 06 Desember 2013

Long Spiked Hair

Long spiked hair has been around a lot longer than Robert Pattinson‘s reach for the sky vampire hair. It was a popular look during the 1970s punk rock movement for those who didn’t commit to a mohawk. Spiked hair made a come back in the eighties, with Keifer Sutherland playing the vampire role.

Spiky hair isn’t only counter culture. The short spiked flat top is a official military cut. The first long spiked hair dates back to 6th century Japan, sported in Buddhist images of the 12 Heavenly Generals. Spiky hairstyles can do so much more though – check out this tux-worthy long spike hair!

This peaked quiff comes from the haircut, which is longer at the center of the forehead than the sides. This style looks great with any haircut but it will result in a flatter profile. The result is spiked hair that comes to an apex. The tall hair adds stature and presence that’s just right for a black tie event or any time you want to impress.

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