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Grey Hair on Men

As the term silver fox denotes, grey hair on men is an asset. The same rules of hairstyles for men continue to apply – work with hair texture and what you’re willing to style. This short hairstyle looks equally good at work and play. Just add a little product for height and definition. Don’t cover up the spray of salt across the pepper with some Just for Men, the ladies will love it.

Short Curly Hair for Men

Avoid boring short hairstyles for men by embracing natural hair texture. This cropped haircut makes the most of curly hair by cutting hair close at the sides and letting hair flow free with some extra length at the top. Wavy hair give the short curly hair for men cut lift and form. Get you barber or stylist to cut hair without a part and to angle to one side.

Short Wavy Hair Men – Ivy League

Check out this great looking and easy to style short wavy hair for men. A version of the Ivy League, the sides and back are cut close with a little extra length on top.

Top layers are cut jagged for a textured look that blends into shorter hair. To get this style, work in a light wax or pomade into hair and pull it up at the front with fingers or a comb. Going short is a low maintenance option for wavy and also curly hair.

Short Hair Styles for Men

Looking for short hair styles for men? This is an attractive and easy to style cut for straight or thick hair.

The textured haircut is cropped close around the sides and back at the top and front. To style hair, use a pomade or wax to add some height.

Styling options include a faux hawk, working bangs straight up into a crew cut, or combing hair to one side for work. Keep the look neat and clean by getting trims every 3 to 4 weeks.

Caesar Cut – Ultra Short Hair

Getting the haircut from 300 is significantly easier than getting the abs. The Caesar haircut is very short with a little bit of fringe cut horizontally across the forehead. It’s a great cut for unruly hair and hot weather. It’s also one of the best hairstyles for thinning hair because short fringe is combed forward over the forehead, concealing a receding hairline. To ensure hair stays in place, work a small amount of hair gel or holding product into damp hair and comb it forward. Make sure not to use too much product which can great a greasy or stiff look.

Buzz Cut 2012

Shaved hairstyles for men are edgy and clean cut. This buzz cut has been sported in 2012 by the likes of Justin Timberlake, Drake, and hairstyle icon David Beckham. The short buzz says bad boy and good boy at the same time. Cut to the same short length all over the head, the shaved haircut looks great with no styling or product. If you’re frustrated with wavy or curly hair, this is the cut for you.

Blocked Nape

At the back of men’s short haircuts, there are a few options. Hair at the neck can be shaved into a tapered nape or a blocked nape, shown below.

Also known as the blocked neck edge, hair is cut into a defined line across the nape of the neck. This is a square shape as opposed to the tapered nape, which as it’s name reveals, fades between hair and skin along your hairline.

So which one is for you? A tapered nape looks cleaner cut, especially after a few days when close shaved hair begins to grow out, say from a buzz cut. The tapered neck edge is also skinny or long necks.

Short Hair for Men – Fringe Edition

For a versatile yet clean cut look, try this short hair for men. The sides and back and are cut very short with some extra length along the top. Longer hair is cut into jagged layers that offer lots of styling options. Here, hair is combed to one side with some fringe falling forward over the forehead. The look is easy to style, just add a little of your favorite product, comb into place, and let air dry. For more styling options, try slicking it back. To keep this short hair for men looking its best, maintain the shape with regular trims every four to six weeks. Shown here with straight hair, this cut would work for wavy hair.

Short Spikey Hairstyles For Men

One enduring hair trend is short spikey hairstyles for men. While longer hair worn spiked up is popular now, the shorter version is more versatile for work and play. This short spiked hair could be worn with a suit on the job and then out to a date.

To get the spiked look, start with freshly washed hair. Once hair is dry, rub your favorite product through your hair. Choose product based on your hair type – thicker hair will require a thicker formula with stronger hold. A matte hair clay or styling wax look great and easily wash out of more normal hair types. Highly recommended products include Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech Short Spikey Hairstyles For Men Short Spikey Hairstyles For Men and Redken Maneuver Work Wax Short Spikey Hairstyles For Men.

With a comb, pull hair up and away from the head, using fingers to spike hair up. Hair can be worn vertical all the way across the top of the head or spikes can be concentrated towards the forehead, in a sort of a rhino horn. For another way to style short hair, try this slicked back look.

Rounded Neck

At the the back of short haircuts for men, you can choose between a tapered, blocked, and rounded neck. With rounded edges rather than square corners, the rounded neck is similar to the blocked nape. Unlike the straight across block, the softer rounded nape is a good option for thicker necks. Always make sure to take a look at the back of your hair. Two mistakes can occur – the neck can cut too high or the neckline may be too rounded, resulting in an undesirable feminine look. Similar to the blocked neck, hair growth below the cut line is noticeable so visit your barber or stylist every few weeks for a trim or shave. Most will offer this service for free between haircuts.

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Good Short Haircuts For Men – Tips

There’s more to good short haircuts for men than meets the eye. There are some consistent guidelines to short hairstyles for men – crop the sides short and leave some length on top.

The best hairstyles come from paying attention to the details. First of all, ask for a fade on the sides into a tapered neck. This will give you the most clean cut look right away and while hair grows out.

That’s not all though. Here are some more tips to get good short haircuts for men.

1. Barber vs Salon - Trust your hair only to someone experienced with mens hair. Barbers are trained to cut masculine hair. Salons that are more focused on women will not give you the best mens cut, even if you have longer hair.

Of course, word of mouth is always the best way way to find a barber or stylist. If you see a great looking haircut, don’t hesitate to ask where it came from.

2. Timing – The busiest times for barbers and salons are at the beginning and end of the day. For the best service, schedule your cut for the middle of the day (but not around lunch hour). Your barber will have more time and energy for you, ensuring a good short haircut.

3. Tip - Didn’t know you were supposed to tip? Like most one-on-one services, a tip is expected and is a significant part of income. Opt for somewhere between 15 and 25%, depending on your experience of course. It’s human nature to favor people who treat you well. Tipping well will ensure you always get the best haircut.

And finally, keep good short haircuts for men looking their best with regular trims. Depending on how fast your hair grows or how conservative your office is, get a trip every 4-6 weeks. You can also visit your barber between cuts to get your neck cleaned up for free.

Short Spiky Haircuts for Men 2013

Short spiky haircuts for men 2013 are a classic as well as a go to look for 2013. Seen on stars like Ben Affleck, Won Bin, and Josh Duhamel, this short hairstyle for men is professional but can also be styled to party. The short spiky haircut is under an inch long around the sides and back but retains length on top. You can concentrating longer hair around the forehead or all the way along the crown if you want to the option to style a faux hawk. Both options can be slicked back as well.

After the haircut, there are 2 keys to getting this look right. First, if you’re not wearing a button up shirt, be sure to get dressed before styling hair. Otherwise, your hair and shirt will suffer. Second, is to apply your hair product of choice correctly. A pomade or wax will work for fine to thick hair. Before applying product to hair, emulsify it by rubbing it quickly between palms. This will ensure even distribution throughout hair. Finally, when smoothing product through hair, don’t use too much or work it all the way down to the roots. This will result weigh hair down and result in a flat and greasy hair, the opposite of the look you’re going for.

Short Stylish Haircuts for Men 2012

Style and short hairstyles for men are not mutually exclusive. Even within the confines of a conservative cut suitable for any profession, there are short stylish haircuts for men 2012. As they say, you have to know the rules to break them. All short hair for men is cut tapered around the back and sides with longer on the top. That extra length is where you can get creative. This cool short haircut above is a longer version of the Ivy League haircut. Keep it neat and combed for work and wear it slicked back for special events.

Short Spiky Hairstyles for Men – 2012

You work hard and play hard and so should your hair. Short spiky hairstyles for men 2012 are a great look for at the office and the bar or club. Whether you have thick, wavy, or thin hair this textured look will work for you. Hair cut jagged at the ends for a hairstyles that controls thick or wavy hair while beefing up fine hair. To style the look, apply product to damp hair from roots to ends. With fingers, work hair into place. The more subtle look above is perfect for the office. For a night out, try a faux hawk or spiking hair to maximum height.

Classic Hairstyles for Men – The Clark Kent

Classic hairstyles for men are always in style. You can wear this short mens hair conservative or hip. The Clark Kent look is a good short hairstyle for men with thick hair. At the sides, hair is cut to a manageable length, about an inch long. Robust hair is left to do it’s thing on top. The extra length gives more surface area for product to work, adding the extra hold that thick hair needs.

For work, wear hair as shown above – brushed back with just enough pomade to hold hair in place. At night, use a wax for stronger hold and some shine with slicked back hair. Or spike hair up for fun. To complete the transition to Superman, remove the specs and part hair on the left side.

Mens Short Hairstyles – Visit the Barber

Do you have a barber or a stylist? With masculine hairstyles like a slicked back hair and the close shaved undercut increasing in popularity in 2012, the barbershop is also making a comeback. We’re detailed how to get the best haircut for mens hair. One of the main points was when to go to a barber versus a stylist. If you’re going for a traditional men’s hairstyle, like this cropped cut, opt for the barbershop. Here are a few reasons to visit the barber.

1. Cost – Barbers are cheaper than stylists, without sacrificing quality. If you stay clean cut with frequent trims, especially around the neck, the price difference adds up quickly.

2. Ease – Barbers are trained to cut classic short hairstyles that are no nonsense and dead simple to style, requiring little to no product. If you’re keeping hair close cropped to manage wavy or curly hair, the barber is your man.

3. Time – One of the reasons barbers are cheaper is time. Short hair takes less time to cut and there’s no fussing with blowdrying or styling.

4. Environment – Just because the cut it quick doesn’t mean you have to hustle there. While a barber shop isn’t Calvin and Hobbes’ female-free tree house, a good barbershop serves the same purpose as a man cave.

5. Clean Shaven – Last but not least is the classic barbershop shave. There is currently a resurgence of traditional barbering that provides a hot lather shave, sometimes even with a straight razor. Try this unbeatable experience at least once.

Mens Hairstyles – Long on Top

For a classic mens hairstyle that gives you all the on trend styling options, go for short sides and long on top. You can be clean cut for work, as show above, and transform into something edgier or more slick at night. A few of the mens hairstyles – long on top lets you style is tousled, spiked, slicked back, and brushed to the side.

For one of the cool preppy-inspired looks, create a side part and brush hair back or off to one side. Add some edge to the clean cut look but shaving sides into an undercut. With wavy hair, the messy look is a natural. For straight hair, just add a little product, ruffle hair and you’re good to go. Last but not least is the Mad Men slicked back look. For extra flair, use a product that combines hold and shine, like L’Oreal Studio Architect Texturizing Wax.

You can’t go wrong with a haircut that’s long on top and short at the sides. You can style the look for any occasion or still look great by doing nothing. The extra length also makes this hairstyle work for wavy of curly hair.

Stylish Short Hair for Men – Bangs

You don’t have to choose between style, looking professional, or even easy to manage hair. This stylish short hair for men with bangs does it all.  The longer on top look adds weight to hair that helps it lie flat with only a little help from product, making this a great option for thick hair. The length also gives this short hair a touch of hipster styling. Medium bangs can be worn down across the forehead or spiked up.

Around the sides and back, hair is worn short enough to work for any business situation. For a hairstyle to match a suit, try slicking hair back a la 30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy.

Short Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

Can there be too much of a good thing? You’re happy to have lots of thick hair but now what to do with all of it? Short haircuts for men with thick hair are the best way to get a cool and stylish cut. Thick heads of hair have lots of full individual strands – so thick hair is easiest to style and manage when cut short.

For a stylish short hairstyle, try this classic short around the sides and longer on top look. Hair is just a touch longer along the center of the head and peak of the forehead so it can be spiked up or worn tousled.

The peak of the haircut also works well with the angle of the jaw. Your barber or stylist will customize this cut to complement your face shape or beard. More great looking short haircuts for men with thick hair include the crew cut and Ivy League hairstyle.

Short Spiky Haircuts for Men

The best short haircuts for men look great at work, play, and out on the town. That’s where short spiky haircuts for men come in. At work, you can comb hair to one side. For the gym, bedhead is fine. And for nights out, spike that hair up!

For an extra sharp look, your barber or stylist will cut hair with texture for the jagged look above. To emphasize the height of the spikes, keep the sides cut very short, almost or all the way shaved into an undercut.

You can have some fun styling this cool mens hairstyle. This spiked hairstyles is concentrated into a waved quiff at the front. You can also try working hair into a faux hawk or textured spikes. Whatever style you go with, make sure to go light on the product – too much will weigh hair down.

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Cool Short Haircuts for Men for Work

Wearing hair long for men has always been a symbol of rebellion – from the Beatles to Guns’n’Roses and Johnny Depp today. That’s why professional work-appropriate haircuts for men are short (until you’re the boss).

You can have a haircut that fits into corporate culture that is also stylish and cool after hours. Here’s how to rock cool short haircuts for men for work.

The gist of all mens hair is short around the sides and back and longer on top. As long as the neck and sideburn areas are neatly groomed, you can pretty much do what you want. Here the top is worn a few inches long on the top, which works well for the thick and wavy hair.

Styled casually for daytime, try adding some spikes at night, embracing natural hair texture, or going for the mens hairstyle trend of 2012 and slicking hair back. Whether you’re going to the hottest food truck or a black tie event, slicked back hair looks great everywhere.

Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair – Very Short

Is your thick hair taking too much time to style? To look great with minimal styling time, it’s best to cut hair very short. The best haircuts for men with thick hair make the most of this asset but don’t make extra work for you.

This very short haircut (just a little longer than a crewcut) is cut very close around the sides and back with earlobe length side burns. The top is about an inch long, a length that tames any type of hair type, including wavy and curly.

Here, the look is styled with a light pomade to add height, hold, and a touch of shine. This cut also works when you’re too busy or just don’t want to style hair. Just towel dry hair, run your fingers or a comb through it, and you’re good to go. As long as the cut is trimmed every 4-8 weeks and hair will fall into place without any work.

Guide to Men’s Hair – The Arch

Like all fine things in life, a great looking men’s haircut is deceptively simple. Many small elements are involved for a cool and easy to wear end result. One of the these details is the arch – the area between the hairline and ear. This space will vary person to person, and so will how you cut it.

A high arch cuts into the hairline around the ear. You can do this if you thick hair, curly hair, or just like how it looks. Be careful not to go too high, it doesn’t look cool, and can appear messy when growing out. A tight fade can be the way to go if you like high arches.

For an easy to maintain cut, go for the natural arch. The barber will just clean up you hairline with short trimming. Above, you can see how hair around the ear is got slightly shorter for a clean cut yet natural look. At the back, wear a tapered neck and you can get away with an extra week or two between haircuts.

Best Short Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair

If your thick mens hair is getting to be too much, get rid of it! Maybe it’s a hot summer or you’re too busy to care, look your best with best short haircuts for men with thick hair.

The cut above is a great length – short enough to be no maintenance but with a touch of extra length on top (about 1/4″ Best Short Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair) that gives the look of a hairstyle and not a buzz cut.

The longer on top looks great for every hair type – showing just a hint of wave or curl without getting out of control. Same for straight hair, though you could also add product to work hair back or to one side.

Very Short Hair

Beyond the buzzcut there are options that look cool and casual. This very short hair is a no mainteneance haircut (other than barber visits or DIV head shaves)  with no trace of military influence.

Rather than shaving ultra close to the skin, go a few numbers up with the clippers (number 2 or 3 blade Very Short Hair  for 1/4″ or 3/8″ length hair). At this length, a skilled barber can even sculpt hair to create a flattering profile.

This is the perfect cut for a physically active guy with a busy lifestyle. You look professional, are always ready to work out, and are ready for what’s next straight out of the shower.

At the back, ask for (or shave yourself) into a fade or tapered neck for a natural hairline that grows out clean.

Spiked Up Hair

Want to try a new mens hairstyle for the new year? After a year of cool slicked back hair, take your style in a new direction – up – with this spiked up hair!

You can get this cool spiked hair with short or longer hair. All you need to try out a different look is the right product and a few minutes to style hair.

Be creative with spiked hair! This cool look pulls hair up into a peak at the front while pulling a touch of bangs across the forehead.

For short hair, a medium hold product like label.m Matt Paste will do the trick while Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech has enough hold for longer, thick, or wavy hair.

Crew Cut – 2012

The classic crew cut needs little updating to work in 2012. This version that is longer at the top gets height from a healthy dose of gel. To get the military-inspired crew cut look, make sure that the front is spiked straight up in a wall of hair.

The Crew Cut – Men’s Short Hairstyles

One of the classic short men’s hairstyles is the crew cut. Hair is cut short all around with some extra length along the forehead. This is a great looking and low maintenance cut for wavy, curly or thick hair. This men’s haircut can be worn with no styling at all. Or add a touch of light wax to spike up hair at the front. Sideburns can be worn long or short.

Buzz Cut – Crew Cut

Once associated with the military, the buzz cut has also been worn by hair style icons like Brad Pitt and David Beckham.  In addition to being low maintenance, these close cropped highlight a defined jawline. By definition, a buzz cut is any hairstyle that uses clippers. This crew cut hairstyle has longer hair along the forehead and top of the head and tapers into shorter hair around the sides and back. Here, hair follows the hairline into a slight widows peak. The buzz cut also looks great in a defined line straight across the forehead. This can be echoed at the back with the blocked nape.

Crew Cut Hairstyle – Longer on Top

Known as an official military cut, the crew cut hairstyle actually got its name from being worn by members of Yale’s crew team. Hairstyles were longer at the time and got in the eyes of rowers.

The short mens haircut remains popular with the Ivy League, with variations including the Princeton cut, Harvard clip, and College cut. Knowledgeable barbers and stylists will use clippers and the clippers-over-comb method for this masculine cut.

This is a low maintenance short hair cut for physically active lifestyles. It’s also a great option for wavy hair, with almost undercut sides and just enough length on top to keep hair manageable without styling or product.

If worn with a little bit longer bangs, this crew cut is a great option for thinning hair. At the back, hair can be a blocked nape or follow the hairline.

Very Short Haircuts for Men – Curly Hair

Very short haircuts for men look great with no styling, even with curly hair. This close cropped hairstyle is one length all around the head, with some extra length at the front. A spray of bangs covers the top of the forehead, letting natural curl wave free. A version of the classic Caesar cut, this is the best cut for the first stages of a receding hairline.

For curly and wavy hair, this very short haircut for men offers hair that looks great without any styling or product. This bed head free cut is suitable for work, play, and everything in between. To add a touch of your personality and style, add a beard or sideburns.

Short Ivy League Haircut

A version of the crew cut hairstyle, the Ivy League is a slightly longer version that offers more styling options. This short Ivy League haircut is parted and brushed back on a slight angle. This cut, made popular at East Coast prep schools in the early 1900s retains its popularity today.

You’ve seen this variations of this preppy haircut on Anderson Cooper, Justin Timberlake, and Matt Damon. Around the sides and back of the head, hair is tapered towards the nape of the neck and can be cut medium, short, or somewhere in between. More a modern twist, try the undercut.

The Ivy League haircut was traditionally groomed with butch wax, which would freeze in cold weather and was also flammable. Check out the hair products page for some ice and flame-free recommendations.

Tapered Neck

There are three options for the back of short haircuts for men - blocked, rounded, and tapered. The blocked nape is cut straight across in a defined line. In contrast, the tapered nape gradually transitions from the length of hair at the back of the head, fading into skin along the natural hairline.

The taper can start high, up above the ears, lower down, as shown above, or anywhere in between. This finishing is flattering for short or thick necks, adding the appearance of length and slimness.

Another benefit to going with the tapered neck is that it grows out neat and clean compared to the rounded and block napes. Most barbers or stylists will give a free touch up between haircuts so there’s no excuse for a scruffy neckline. This is especially true for the shaved sides of the undercut.

Crew Cut Haircut for Curly Hair

The crew cut haircut is a cool and easy to style option for curly hair. Unruly hair is cut short enough that it appears to be and is manageable like straight hair. With crew cut hairstyles, hair is cropped close all around the head with a little bit of extra length on top. Be sure to get hair cut by a barber or stylist who is experienced with curly hair. They will know how to cut hair to work with the natural wave pattern of hair, ensuring that curls lay flat rather than form permanent bedhead.

Although this cut can be worn with no styling, this cool version spikes hair up just at the forehead. Another version of this crew cut haircut that would be great with curly hair is the short Ivy League hairstyle with more length on top, which gives it more styling options.

Short Mohawk

A mohawk worn with a beard isn’t just for Mr. T anymore! Don’t pity the fool for wearing a mohawk hairstyle – just update the look for the 21st century. David Beckham and Glee’s Puck Puckerman brought the look into the mainstream. Whether it’s worn spiked up or cut extra wide, the short mohawk is a bold masculine look that exudes confidence.

Skipping the shaved sides makes this short mohawk even more wearable. This punk version of a crewcut leaves the strip of hair along the centre of the head extra long. Thick and curly hair will naturally stand up. For straight hair, keep hair short enough that product will do the trick. For the hipster Mr. T look, add a close cropped beard.

Tapered Crew Cut

Looking for short and clean cut but cool hairstyles? Old school prep is the new hipster so check out this tapered crew cut. Hair is cropped close all around with a bit more length on top. The sides are tapered down around the ears and neck in a fade. Hair is cut to no longer than half an inch long so this is an easy to wear short haircut for men with curly hair.

Even though hair is short, you can mix up the look with some product be wearing hair parted and brushed to one side, slicked back or spiked up. On the weekend, bed head is always an option too. If you have straight hair and want more more styling options, ask for an Ivy League hairstyle, which is a long version of a crew cut You’ve seen this cut on Anderson Cooper and it definitely a great option for men with grey hair.

The fade is important to get right with this cut. Show your stylist or barber a picture of what you want to ensure you get the tapered cut you want. This is a cut that may best be trusted to a barber who knows his way around the clippers.

Daniel Craig Skyfall Haircut

Daniel Craig’s Skyfall haircut is generating a buzz. Over the years and movies, James Bond’s character has evolved and is revealing his dark side, true to Ian Fleming’s original novels. This change is reflected in Daniel Craig’s look, haircut, and actions – he drinks the most martinis, scores the least conquests, and has the shortest hair of all the Bonds.

If you want to get the same all style – no nonsense look, ask your barber for a tapered crewcut. The look is short on top, shorter around the sides, and fades into skin around the ears and neck. For more styling options, ask for the Ivy League, which is a little bit longer on top. Either way this cool hairstyle for men is absolutely worthy of the modern James Bond, showcasing raw masculinity.


The crewcut is hot, easy to wear, and no nonsense. If your lifestyle is about business, sports, night out or all of the above, this is the haircut for you. It looks great with no effort and styled for work or play. It’s also a great option for hair with natural texture, from loose waves to tight curls. Hair is cut close around the back and sides and short enough on top to tame any hair. For a clean cut look, make sure to ask your barber for a tapered neck.

To get this easy style, warm up a touch product between palm ands to damp hair. Rub evenly throughout hair with fingers. Pull hair up for spikes, smooth across the head for a slick look, or push hair up at the hairline for an inbetween look that is suitable for work or after.

Very Short Haircuts for Men – Crewcut

If you’re looking for very short haircuts for men, start with the crewcut! It’s like a buzz cut grown out a few weeks. The extra millimeters of length make a difference – the buzz reveals every contour of the skull or any scars you may have. On the upside, these cropped cuts highlight the angle of the jaw and minimize the appearance of thinning hair. Even better, this short hair for men literally requires no styling beyond rubbing the head dry with a towel. It’s the perfect cut for an active or busy lifestyle or to take the maintenance out wavy or curly hair.

Fade Hair

At the barber shop, you’ll be asked if you want a fade or tapered cut at the back and around the sides. Fade hair is the seamless transition from longer hair higher up on the head to shorter hair, gradually “fading” into the skin.

The length and degree of the fade are up to you. The popular 90’s fades started high on the head, leaving a lot of skin exposed for the “white wall” look (like white wall tires). For a look more suited to everyday, a shorter fade is an easy to maintain and clean cut look.

With a crew cut, buzz cut, or  any mens short hairstyle, go with the tapered neck. It follows the natural hair line and looks neat and groomed looking longer than the blocked or rounded neck.

Most men’s haircuts have an element of the taper, whether it’s at the nape of the neck or around the ears (the arches). Be sure to let your barber know what you want, or better show some pictures, to get the fade you want.

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Cool Hairstyles for Guys with Thick Hair: 3 Ways

Cool is looking like you spent time on your hair without spending much time on your hair. For thick hair, this means getting a great haircut to work with.

Then you can get all the cool hairstyles for guys with thick hair. Here are 3 ways to wear your thick hair for men:

1. As above, wear hair perfectly textured and a little bit spiked. To get this clean cut – bad boy look, use a matte product that’s strong enough for thick hair like Stephen Knoll Clay Wax. Cool Hairstyles for Guys with Thick Hair: 3 Ways

2. Another way to wear thick hair is full on spikes. Have some fun with it by working hair into a faux hawk, pulling the front up into a quiff, or getting as much height as you can.

3. Messy! With the right haircut for thick hair, you’ll look great with tousled bed head (especially with some wave in hair).

There’s no need to style hair every day. In fact, the weekends can be a great time to wash out any product buildup with Neutrogena Anti-Residue Formula.

Haircuts for Guys

You’re guaranteed to look good by keeping things simple. When it comes to haircuts for guys, go for the tried and true long on top, short sides and back.

Sometimes called the college cut,  you can’t go wrong with this classic short haircut for men. This version thins out thick hair by introducing some subtle layering at the top and around the hairline.

Once you’ve got the cut, maintain the style with regular trims. Visit your barber or stylist every 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows.

Then all you need to do to look great everyday is just a touch of product. If hair is thick or wavy, use Bed Head Men Matte Separation Wax Haircuts for Guys, one of the most best hair products for men. For thinner hair, the more lightweight hold of American Crew Grooming Cream Haircuts for Guys will be plenty.