Jumat, 06 Desember 2013

Robert Pattinson Hair

The gravity defying bed head-inspired Robert Pattinson hair comes from the right cut and styling tools and product. That’s right, this vampires use hair dryers. This hairstyle works best with fine to medium straight hair, though with extra hold product like Woody’s Quality Grooming Web Robert Pattinson Hair can help anyone get the look.

In the haircut, jagged layers help achieve this textured look. Messy hair should only be on top so keep the sides and back cut short or slick them back. To style the hair, dry shampoo adds volume and hold while absorbing oil without damaging hair.

Next up is gel, adding sparingly to avoid the crusty look that comes from using too much. Finally, a blowdryer will cut down styling time and help achieve height. To train hair to stand up, try blow drying with your head upside down and combing through hair with fingers. For more coiffed versions of this look, try one of these high volume quiffs.

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