Jumat, 06 Desember 2013

Cool Hairstyles for Men

Looking great with minimal effort is the essence of cool hairstyles for men. Think about James Dean, Robert Pattinson, and Brad Pitt…It’s all about looking cool without looking like you spent an hour in front of the mirror.

To get a hairstyle that always looks cool, start with a great haircut. This way straight out bed, the gym, or the ocean hair will look great. Above, salt water creates textured spikes in thick straight hair. Get the same look without surfing with American Crew Styling Gel.

The second thing about cool hairstyles for men is versatility. You’re not going to wear the same look to work and nights out so you need options. This easy to wear cut can be worn slicked with some pomade, spiked with some wax, or a strong hold product for a pompadour.

Or for a no product look, try this preppy hair.

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