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How to Wear the Channing Tatum Crew Cut

While demonstrating an excellent rage in roles from Step Up to Magic Mike and the hilarious JCVD splits parody video, Channing Tatum has a niche in military roles, especially as G.I. Joe’s Duke. Here’s how to get the army-inspired Channing Tatum crew cut with Hollywood style.

The crew cut is short but has more shape and style than a buzz cut that has shaves hair into one length all over the head. It’s all about leaving a little extra length on top that can be spiked up. Keep the side burns extra short to get this clean cut and freshly shaven look.

This is one of the few haircuts that hair gel is recommended for. At this length, that crunchy, flaky finish that gives gel a bad name is easy to avoid. Even with short hair, take care of it by using an alcohol-free formula like Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel that is good for hair as well as sensitive scalp skin. Also check out these gentle shampoo options.

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Faux Hawk – Side View

The faux hawk is a hairstyle, not a hair cut. It works with any hair that is cut short at the sides and back and longer at the top. As you can see from the faux hawk side view, form the mohawk by pulling the top into a tapered point along the center of the scalp. The front can also be spiked up or fall down over the forehead. Another way to wear this look is with hair pointing forward over the forehead in a rhino horn.

Messy Faux Hawk

Combine bedhead and a faux hawk to get this messy faux hawk. This rocker chic look needs medium length hair at the front to achieve maxim height and messiness.  To get the look, rub a strong hold product like wax, pomade, or gel through hair. Starting at the back, comb hair forward and then up  at various angles. Use fingers to finish.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair – Men

There are lots of options for hairstyles for curly hair – men. This naturally curly hair is cut into uniform layers all around the head for an easy to manage look. Hair is cut an angle, known as a point cut, for texture. Maintain the balanced look with haircuts every four to six weeks.

Short Haircuts for Men – Wavy + Curly Hair

Short haircuts for men easily tame wavy and curly hair. This close cropped cut has just over an inch of length all over the head. The natural wave adds great texture to the cut without excessive volume. Styling is as easy as rubbing fingers through hair after getting out the shower with a touch of your favorite product. Stay clean cut with regular trims every 4-6 weeks.

Curly Mens Hair

Make the most of your naturally curly mens hair with this medium length cut. This full hair was part of Adrien Grenier’s charm as Vincent Chase in Entourage. Cut in uniform layers around the back sides, body and fullness are balanced for a flattering profile.

Curly hair tends to be dry so requires a little bit of extra attention. Opt for moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, even better if it is formulated for curly hair. Dry hair doesn’t need to be shampooed everyday so limit washes to a few times a week, always followed with conditioner. After towel drying hair, some product made for curly hair through hair such as Bed Head Men In Check Creme. Finish by finger combing hair and letting it air dry.

Medium Length Mens Curly Hair – Channeling the Lizard King

Wearing hair long has always been a sign of rebellion and individual thought for men. You don’t need to be a straight-haired Beatle or Axl Rose to get the look. Rather, follow the example of the truly untamed – Jim Morrison. Unleash your medium length curly hair!

Getting a fantastic looking curly mane is actually less work rather than more. Naturally curls tend to be dry so shampooing everyday can further stress out the hair cuticle. Start by skipping your shampoo every fourth day (three on, one off). As you see results, work towards once a week shampoo sessions.

How to Style Curly Mens Hair

Don’t know how to style curly mens hair? Here’s how to take control and make the most of your curly men. Whether you keep hair cut short or wear it medium length, men with curly hair can use these tips to get manageable and easy to style hair.

1. Shampoo Less

Even though men can produce up to twice as much scalp oil as women, curly hair still tends to be dry. The coil of hair makes it difficult for the oil to travel down the hair shaft and coat hair. Therefore, skip shampoos and use a moisturizing formula designed for curly hair. Start washing hair every 2 to 3 days. For longer hair, try even more downtime between shampoos. Some men with curly hair swear that a weekly shampoo keeps hair in best condition.

2. Reduce Frizz & Add Curl

Product only provides the promised results when used correctly. Apply product to towel dried hair. If hair is too dry, product won’t be distributed evenly and hair that is too wet will dilute the product, reducing it’s performance. Try using an old t-shirt to dry hair rather than a towel. The softer fabric will protect delicate curls.

Make suret to coat hair thoroughly with product while taking care not to use too much. Rub product in from roots to ends, like when shampooing hair. Use a comb to ensure even distribution. To style, comb hair into place while using fingers to scrunch and enhance curl. Add more product to areas where extra hold is required – like the sides or a cowlick.

3. Air Dry

And now the easy part, let hair air dry. Hands off is the best way to style mens curly hair. From less shampooing to steering clear of the blow dryer. Throughout the day, try not to play with curls. The oils from your fingers can cause frizz. That’s not to say that women should be discouraged from enjoying your curly mane.

Follow these tips for great looking curly mens hair! If you’re looking for a change, check out these hairstyles for men with curly hair.

Curly Hair on Men: 5 Medium Cuts

There are a few hairstyle options to deal with curly hair on men. First, there are the latest trends of slick hair and the undercut worn with curly hair (like the most famous curly-haired gent Justin Timberlake).  Then there’s cutting hair short so it’s practically maintenance free. Last but certainly not least is letting those curls do their thing by wearing hair medium length.

There are so many types of curly hair - thick, fine, tight curls to loose, that this cut looks a bit different on everyone. This hair type is modern and stylish when worn longer but not in a round ‘fro. Get your stylist to do shape hair into an updated profile.

Curly hair also demands different products than straight hair. It tends to be dry so the best way to combat this is by skipping shampoo but never conditioner. Try the tried and true Wen Cleansing Conditioner or ultra gentle Aveda Be Curly. Both product lines are formulated for curly hair have styling cremes with the right kind of hold.

Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair – Short

Looking for hairstyles for men with curly hair that don’t make you look like a vest wearing Glee club director? While Will Schuester has an enviable mane of curls, a more conservative look is required for most work environments. In addition cutting curly hair shorter requires less styling time and product. This short curly hair balances a cropped cut with letting curls do their thing by keeping hair about an inch long all over.

Curly hair tends to be dry, which can lead to untameable frizz and constant bad hair days. Combat this by using a moisturizing conditioner. The current hair oil trend is a great one – plus argan oil has an inviting aroma as well. Another tip to get the best curly hair is to use an old t-shirt to towel dry hair. The smoother texture prevents frizz and keeps curls healthy.

How to Style Short Curly Hair for Men

The first step of how to style short curly hair for men is getting a great cut. For this, a salon may be your best option for the special attention and hairstyles that make curls manageable and look great.

Keeping curly hair short, about two inches at most already reduces your styling time. Here are more tips for how to style curly mens hair:

1. Quit shampoo –  Curly hair tends be dry because natural oils have a hard time moving from the scalp down to the roots. Shampoo makes hair even dryer so cut back shampooing to once a week max. Opt for a sulfate free or curl specific formula.

2. Strength + conditioning – To look their best, curls need added moisture. Get one that matches your shampoo but use it every day, concentrating on working it into the tips of hair.

3. Rub down – After the shower, gently pat hair dry with a towel. Rubbing hair damages it and encourages frizz, something you want to avoid. Even better, trade in your towel for an old t-shirt – the fibers and tight weave is better for hair (and will pull less out).

4. Comb it out – Do you use a brush or typical comb on your curls? If there are no knots, go ahead and just use fingers. If you need some detangling, use a wide tooth comb, available at any dollar store.

5. Product – The last step is adding product. Ask your stylist for a recommendation or you just use trial and error to find the best one for you. Heat a little bit of product up between palms, but not too much – curls will be weighed down and look greasy. Rub through hair to evenly distribute. Finally, let hair air dry and you’re done!

Curly Hair Men – How To Cut It Yourself

In Men’s Hairstyle Trends barber versus stylist posts, stylists were the recommended option for men with curly hair. One option that wasn’t mentioned was cutting curly hair yourself. Many people with curly hair, men and women, opt to cut their own hair out of frustration or for the sheer convenience. Whether you have short or longer curly hair, here’s how to cut it yourself. These techniques will work to sculpt new styles or for trims between haircuts.

1. Any at home haircutting requires professional quality scissors. A good pair purchased  on-line or at a beauty supply store may cost up to or over $100 but it’s an investment that will pay for itself over and over again. Do NOT use regular household scissors.

2. Start with dry hair – this will show how curls tend to sit as well as the length of dry hair. Before you get started, shake your head from side to side so curls naturally position themselves.

3. Be sure to cut hair in front of a big mirror with plenty of light. Nothing else will help if you can’t see well.

4. Now, finally to the cutting. Unlike straight hair which can be trimmed in chunks, curly hair is cut by the individual curl unit. Take a look at the profile of your hair, decide where you want to cut, and take the first curl into your hands.

5. Hold the curl in one hand, the scissors in the other, and snip hair straight across. Curls are a continuous S shape – aim the cut in the middle of an S, at a C to maintain curls.

6. Be careful to trim the same amount on both sides of your head. It’s natural to concentrate on the side most comfortable for your dominant hand but that will not lead to a desirable even shape.

In addition to cutting hair at home, check out these tips for how to style curly hair.

Medium Hairstyles for Curly Hair – Men

Show off thick hair and keep your styling options open by wearing curly hair a bit longer. This versatile hairstyle cuts layers all around the head to help define curl. All that’s needed to style medium hairstyles for curly hair – men is pomade or texture cream to separate curl and add a hint of shine.

This isn’t the only way to style curly hair for men. With a strong hold wax, hair can be coiffed into a wavier version of slicked back hair. You could blow dry it straight but why bother. From Justin Timberlake to Will Ferrell, stars are wearing curls with pride and so should you.

Mens Hairstyle Trends for Curly Hair

It’s been the year for slicked back hair but what does that mean for men with curly hair? We’re never going to tell you to get out a flat iron at Mens Hairstyle Trends (although, occasionally a blow dryer).

Here’s how to wear mens hairstyle trends for curly hair.

Slick curly hair is a little different but still has the same sophisticated retro cool. Like most hairstyles, it all starts with a great cut – which is especially important for curly hair. It’s all about short sides and back, long on top. This will ensure hair looks great with or without styling.

For curly hair, this look isn’t about slicking hair back. The curls add the height that the high slick look does so what you want to do is let hair do it’s thing.

Rub a medium hold product specifically made for curls, like American Crew Curl Construct, through hair that will hold it in place, add some sheen, but not grease. Scrunch up hair on top and pull longer front to one side, leaving one or two pronounced curls. And that’s it.

You have this year’s hottest hairstyle trend and are ready for a black tie event, date, or any time you want to impress.

Medium Curly Hair for Men

You’re in good company if you’re rocking medium curly hair for men. If Justin Timberlake, Adrian Grenier, and Matthew Morrison (aka Glee’s Will Schuester) have taught you anything, mens curly hair is something to show off!

Curly hair varies in the tightness of the curl as well as your hair thickness. To find your best curly haircut, it’s about honing in on that length that brings out natural curl but doesn’t get unruly.

As always, it’s essential to keep curls moisturized and frizz free by skipping shampooing as much as possible (aim for once a week or quit altogether), using a conditioner forumulated for curly hair like Hair One Cleanser and Conditioner with Argan Oil or Aveda Be Curly.

Out of the shower, use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry off hair. Now all you need is a touch of curl enhancing product. Try one of the best products for curly hair men, the highly recommended Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Curl Definition Creme.

Once you’ve got the right curly haircut for men, you can trim do the upkeep yourself. Here’s how to cut your own curly hair.

Prince William Hair (or what to do with a high forehead)

If it’s good enough for a future king, Prince William hair is good enough for you! When dealing with a high forehead or receding hairline, what you want is control. This can be achieved with a cropped cut – like the Caesar, with short bangs that won’t go anywhere. The second way to gain control is with product.

This slicked across hair is a fantastic option for reducing the dominating influence of a large forehead – while staying in line with 2012 and 2013 men’s hair trends. Longish hair is parted deeply to one side and brushed across to the over side.

The right product strikes the balance between hold, sheen, and touchability. For fine hair, try Ojon Animated Styling Cream or for stronger hold, Paul Mitchell Mitch Reformer Strong Hold/Matte Finish Texturizer.

This hairstyle looks great on most men and can been worn anywhere – work, the gym, and to fun and formal events. Hairstyles are meant to complement any features and this is the best look for men with high foreheads.

Men’s Hairstyles for the Groom and Best Man

The most popular engagement season is just around the corner. Whenever the big day happens, you’ll want to take extra care with hair and grooming. In addition to these tips to ensure a polished and clean cut appearance, check out these men’s hairstyles for the groom and best man.

We can’t guarantee that everything about your wedding photos will stand the test of time but these classic formal hairstyles will never look dated. Several of these recommended groom hair pictures are vintage-inspired slick looks. You can wear slick hair up high, across, or with a part.

Other excellent formal hairstyles include wearing thick hair cut short and spiked up or neatly combed. This is similar to the slick look but minus the product. Use something lightweight like blowPro mane tame soft pomade to keep hair in place without the shiny finish or defined comb marks.

If you’re not used to styling hair, visit a local barber shop to get hair styled for your wedding or some time before so you can get the hang of it yourself. This is also an opportunity to get your beard groomed or an extra close straight razor shave. Or see if you can borrow your bride’s stylist for a few minutes before the bridal party gets ready.

Designer Stubble

For some it’s the gateway beard but for others it’s end goal. The permanent 5 o’clock shadow is everywhere right now from watch ads to Ryan Gosling. If you’re still clean shaven, designer stubble is a must try look.

Beards are on trend for 2013 and really are a masculine look. Beard and stubble define the jaw, for a square and strong jawline. Here’s how to get designer stubble :

Designer stubble is more than skipping shaving altogether. To keep this ultra short beard looking cool and clean cut requires some maintenance.

Start by growing a beard a day or two beyond the length of stubble you want. Those with lighter hair will probably need more length to achieve the stubble look while dark beards look full with just a hint of stubble.

The perfect stubble look comes from a close trim rather than growth. You’ll want a trimmer with a smallish head that is easy to control and cuts close, like these models from Remington, Panasonic, and Philips Norelco. Now, set the trimmer to a low setting like ⅛ inch and clean up the stubble.

You’ll want to go over the neck beard area, removing any hairs on your neck altogether. At the top, leaving cheeks as they are is most natural, unless you have some strays or want a defined beard shape.

Once the beard is shaped, it’s time to shave the beard down with the beard trimmer. Still on the close setting, go over the beard until it is uniform in length.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you’ll need to repeat these steps every 2-5 days. In addition, keep skin happy with regular cleansing. A facial scrub by Nivea for Men or Jack Black will exfoliate skin like shaving used to.

Mens Hairstyles – Long

We only bring you the best looking and coolest hairstyles at Mens Hairstyle Trends. So when we talk about mens hairstyles – long, it’s more Jared Leto and Josh Holloway than the pec-skimming length by Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire. This long mens hair is masculine with an attitude.

When it comes to mens long hair, keep it simple. You don’t need layers, texture, or fringe. Just keep hair mostly one length all over. But do get it cut – you want this to be your hairstyle, not overgrown shag. Work with the hair type that you have. If it’s curly, you’ll need a different cut. If hair is wavy, like shown above, let it do it’s thing. The weight of longer hair makes the wave more manageable.

This slicked back look is a clean cut way to style long hair. Run a little bit of product through hair (not too much – it will be especially noticeable with longer hair). Comb hair into place, working hair up and back at the forehead. Finish with a touch more of product at the hairline.

Long Hair Style for Men

Its true. Wearing mens hair long isn’t for everyone. But the converse is also true. Short hair mens hair isn’t for everyone either.

Mens long hair styles are associated with rebels, artists, and those who live by their own rules. If that’s you, check out this long hair style for men.

Other than soccer fields and vampire movies, one of the places that men are often seen with longer locks is the surfer scene. Get this surfer cool look by growing hair out and then getting a cut to update the look. Worn with designer stubble, the short beard complements the long hair.

One thing rarely mentioned about long hair, despite all the other associations, is that it requires patience. Hair grows an average of 1/2 an inch a month, for a total of 6″ a year. To get the long surfer hair above would take over a year of growth starting from short hair.

To keep mens long hair healthy and looking great, add a conditioner to your shower routine and try not to shampoo everyday (once or twice a week is enough) – it is unnecessary and dries hair out. For a fresh masculine scent try American Crew Citrus Mint, Bed Head Men Peppermint, or Aveda Men Pure-Formance.

A lot of mens hair products are focused on super clean, 2-in-1, and anti-dandruff. These are not the best products for men with long hair so don’t pick them up just because it says “men” on the label.

If dandruff does occur (it happens to everyone sometime), look for products that contain tea tree oil that will help with dry scalp but are gentle enough for every day like Wen by Chaz Dean Tea Tree or Paul Mitchell Tea Tree.

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Long Hairstyles for Men: How to Look Goood

Long hair for men. Some say: Don’t do it. We say: Do it right. If you’re going wear it long, here’s how to look good.

Keep reading for how to wear long hairstyles for men.

A few things usually go wrong when men wear their hair long. The first is simply growing long hair without taking any further action. To look it’s best, long hair must be cut into a hairstyle. Look at Brad Pitt, Slash, and David Beckham. They all have styles and not just overgrown hair.

Second, is working with your hair type. Is it straight and fine, thick and wavy, curly? All these hair types have different needs and cuts. This Sean White-inspired long hair has multiple lengths that lighten up long hair and bringing out natural wavy texture. Work with a stylist to find a cut that works for you.

Last but not least is hair care. Hair grows an average of half an inch a month. Do the math and long hair is years old and requires care. Use mousturizing products, gently comb hair, and condition hair once in a while.

Last, hair looks best with a touch of product on a daily basis. An anti-frizz product works for every hair type and will keep you from being that guy with scraggly hair.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Serum is available at every grocery and drug store and works for every hair type. This is the best option for fine and straight hair but works for everyone.

Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream uses silicon to coat hair and eliminate the frizz that heat and humidity cause. This entire product line is worth the investment for healthy, shiny long hair.

Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel – Ouidad is the go to brand for curly and wavy hair, meaning it works for the most hard to control hair. Add control, shine, and moisture to the thickest of hair with this unisex product.

Undercut with Long Hair for Men

The undercut has been one of the hottest cuts for men this year. The shaved sides can be a part of any hairstyle and any hair length. Here’s how to wear the undercut with long hair for men.

Long hair for men is usually straight forward. Grow hair long, get it cut, ponytail, done. A way to get a modern update that also cleans up hair is adding an undercut. Usually hair is shaved all the way around the sides and back but for longer hair, you probably want to shave a smaller area.

This cut shaves the side burns, just behind the ear, and all the way around the hairline. This creates a unique profile when hair is tied back and gives a clean cut finish. To get this smooth and groomed ponytail, use a lightweight pomade like blowPro mane tame soft pomade to prevent fly aways.

Of course, any hair cut short will have to grow long again. To cover the area while it’s growing out, you’ll have to wear hair down. Hair extensions are an option if you are very dedicated to long hair.

Cool Hairstyles for Grey Hair – Men

Grey hair on men gives a distinguished and powerful air. Rather than matching it with a conservative look, add juxtaposition to the mix with cool hairstyles for grey hair – men. This faux hawk adds a modern and edgy touch to grey hair. The icy blues of the suit, tie and jacket play up the tones of the hair. This look combines the best of both worlds – modern trends and sophisticated style.

Indie Hair Cuts

Messy and almost overgrown indie hair has been the hairstyle for artists, rockers, and stars since Oscar Wilde. Fast forward to Mick Jagger, Chace Crawford, and your favorite indie rocker.

The look works for all hair types – straight, wavy, curly and fine or thick. To get indie hair cuts, let your hairdresser know which band’s look your going for (singer, drummer, or guitar player).

It’s about have lots of length on top to play with top, blending into the sides. You can go shorter on the sides as well but avoid the hard line of the undercut.

Styling indie hair is as laid back as it look. Your hair is already cut to work with your hair type, so let your hair do the work. All you need to do is run a dab of pomade through hair and push it into place with your fingers. Disheveled is the best way to rock the look, adding to the devil may care attitude indie hair cuts exude.

For the product, choose a pomade that works with your hair type. Look for something that gives hold, texture, and a hint of shine. For regular hair,  Get Groomed Finishing Cream By Redken for Men is a quality product available at most stores. For wavy or curly hair, a great product from a reliable brand is Toni and Guy Label.m Curl Cream. You can find it on-line or the salon.

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Emo Hair for Guys

Emo hair for guys can be styled from short, medium, and long hair. There are a few defining features of this indie hairstyle so are 5 steps that show you how to get emo hair:

1. Straight – Emo hair is straight. To get it just right, try using a hair dryer and flat iron. Hair often gets wavy when it is longer or air dried.

2. Bangs - Long fringe is the defining feature of emo hair. Wear them brushed forward and angled across to one side – so the bangs cover one eye. Even with short hair, you can wear your hair emo by styling bangs this way.

3. Spikes – Emo hair for guys is a derivative of spiked punk rock hair. Behind the bangs, spike hair up at the back. Try L’Oreal Dirty Clean Wax or D:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme to keep spikes up and bangs in place.

4. Haircut - You want long bangs, texture, and asymmetrical cuts – the sides can be uneven with lots of layers and razor cuts.

5. Color – Wear hair dark, especially black. And you can add streaks of color – blonde, bright blue, cherry red, grape purple, or any color of the rainbow. These are easy to do at home.

3 Don’ts for Mens Hair

We’ve told you what to do for curly hair, thick hair, fine hair, even thinning hair with the best hairstyles, tips, and product recommendations. Just in case that’s not enough, here’s what not to do. Keep reading for 3 don’ts for mens hair.

1. The Wet Look – Slicked back hair is in but not the wet look. The look was eve n a runway favorite for women this spring but never made it onto the street because unwashed, greasy hair never looks good.

If you’re using hair gel to slick back or spike hair, you may be committing this don’t right now. If you don’t want a hairstyle straight out of There’s Something About Mary, it’s time to find the right product.

Look for the right amount of hold for your hair type, something water-based that washes out, and save the shine for special event. Try one of these:

For fine hair, try Aveda Grooming Clay for hold without shine.

For straight hair of all types, from thin to thick, for great hold with a better smell, try Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste.

Curly or wavy hair, BioSilk Rock Hard Gelee adds enough but not too much control.

2. Curtains – We hope the 90s was the last time you saw this look (not in the mirror this morning). You may have seen the center part on some celebrities but on you, it looks more like Bart Simpson going to church. Don’t do it.

Whatever hairstyle you’re wearing – slick, spiked, messy – commit to it. This curtains look is somewhere in between slicked back and trying to have bangs but you can’t have them both.

3. Weird Bangs – For those of you with high or growing foreheads, there are flattering solutions. Wearing bangs long is one, wearing bangs short is another, and slicking hair across works too.

What you’re trying to do is minimize the issue, not draw attention to it. There really is a hairstyle that will make you look your best, that’s why there are so many options.

Even if you have to bite the bullet and go short, it’s better than wearing something that will get you second looks for all the wrong reasons.

Cool Mens Hair – Messy

The current mens hair trends are masculine and sophisticated (and will look cool in photos forever). If you’re starting with the right cut, your hair still looks great without styling. So wearing hair messy still gives you cool mens hair.

The modern take on short sides – long on top is brilliant worn slicked back or up but that’s not all it can do. For the weekend, just let go (also good to have a day or two to really wash out any product build-up, or try this Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo Cool Mens Hair Messy).

Hair will look great worn slightly messy is an updated version of bed head that still looks distinguished and cool.

Best Mens Hair Products – The One That’s Easy To Use!

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the haircuts, hairstyles and best mens hair products you see and read about here! If you’re want to try out styling mens hair into new looks, here’s where to start.

When you’re just starting to style mens hair, you want an easy to use product that you can’t screw up. Stay away from gels that tend to get crunchy, pomades that can be too shiny, and heavy waxes that can make hair greasy. These products are great but require a light touch and some experience.

What you want is foolproof product that gives you cool hair with looks totally natural. Whether you’re a mens hairstyle newbie or pro, one of the top stylist recommended and best products for mens hair is Sebastian Microweb Fiber.

You get lots of texture, separation, and all day hold. This elastic texturizer is flexible and matte and never leaves hair sticky, crunchy, or crusty. So use Sebastian Microweb Fiber to get the cool messy look, spiked up hair, slicked back hair, or any look you dream up.

Have fun! The worst that can happen is you have to wash hair and start over.


What to Elvis Presley, Jason Priestley, and Wolverine have in common? Unforgettable sideburns. Don’t worry about if burns are in style, it’s all about how you wear them.

As with all hairstyles, choose your sideburns based on your face shape. Wider sideburns balance out long, narrow, and wide faces. Or wear narrow sideburns with a smaller or proportional face.

Your stylist or barber can help you find the most flattering and it’s recommended that you get them professionally shaped to start anyway. Also, sideburns look best when they are slightly wider on the bottom than on the top.

As for length, a conservative sideburn will end above the earlobe. This is the length James Dean wore and it still looks cool.  For a more distinctive bad boy look, go a little longer, like Robert Pattinson. For a quirky look, go even longer like Flight of the Conchord’s Jemaine.

Cool Hairstyles for Curly Hair Men

Having hair that tends to curl or wave doesn’t mean you can’t get in on all the latest men’s hairstyle trends. You just need the right cut, the right product, and a cool hairstyle.

A lot of men with curly hair cut it short to minimize styling time. However, this also limits styling options. Rather than chopping it all off, opt for this year’s hottest look that is cool and clean cut – the undercut.

With just the sides cut short, you can leave some length on top that lets hair’s natural texture do it’s thing and gives you lots of styling options. This cool hairstyle for curly hair simply pulls up hair into something similar to spiked hair.

Hair is long enough to curl the front, which is emphasized  in a modern update on the Duck Man’s signature look. Another way to style this haircut is slicked back, leaving natural texture in place.

5 Mens Hairstyles for Summer 2013

It’s official. Summer has officially arrived everywhere. Now that the heat and sun are here to stay, it’s time for a fresh haircut that keeps you cool. Check out these 5 mens hairstyles for summer 2013.

This year’s hottest hairstyle trends are also cool looks for summer. Close cropped hair around the sides and back keeps hair clean cut while length on top can be cut to suit any hair type. This thick blonde hair is cut just long enough to be worn brushed across the head.

The short sides – long on top cut is a great option for lightening the weight and heat of super thick hair. Have fun spiking, messy up, or slicking back hair with one of these best products for thick hair.

The undercut takes the previous haircuts to the next level. Sides are shaved close, only leaving hair up high on the head. It’s a great looking cut that works for every hair type, and will tame wavy and curly hair in that humidity.

It’s obvious but has to be said. The easiest and most comfortable haircut for hot, sticky summer days and night is the buzz cut. If this is too short, wear a crew cut that leaves more length on top.

The other essential factor to consider in hairstyles for summer is ease. Sometimes letting hair do it’s thing is the best way. This hands off approach works for every hair, especially this one with some wave. It’s summer, take it easy!