Rabu, 04 Desember 2013

Indie Hair Men

Whatever music you’re into, indie haircuts are cool, flattering, and easy to wear. The cut is part of the long on top – short sides trend that is everywhere right now. Check out below for more about indie hair men.

This cool cut has lots of angles and layers that add texture and shape to longer hair. This is great for thick hair that can get heavy or floppy. The length of this cut also is flattering if that hairline is on the retreat.

To style hair, add a little product like Redken for Men Shine Form Defining Wax Indie Hair Men or Hairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty Indie Hair Men. Then work the longest bangs across the forehead and over to the opposite side and slightly pull up shorter layers at the back. Or for weekends, this cut will look great with a little bed head.

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