Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Medium Curly Hair for Men

You’re in good company if you’re rocking medium curly hair for men. If Justin Timberlake, Adrian Grenier, and Matthew Morrison (aka Glee’s Will Schuester) have taught you anything, mens curly hair is something to show off!

Curly hair varies in the tightness of the curl as well as your hair thickness. To find your best curly haircut, it’s about honing in on that length that brings out natural curl but doesn’t get unruly.

As always, it’s essential to keep curls moisturized and frizz free by skipping shampooing as much as possible (aim for once a week or quit altogether), using a conditioner forumulated for curly hair like Hair One Cleanser and Conditioner with Argan Oil or Aveda Be Curly.

Out of the shower, use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry off hair. Now all you need is a touch of curl enhancing product. Try one of the best products for curly hair men, the highly recommended Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Curl Definition Creme.

Once you’ve got the right curly haircut for men, you can trim do the upkeep yourself. Here’s how to cut your own curly hair.

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