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How to Style Curly Mens Hair

Don’t know how to style curly mens hair? Here’s how to take control and make the most of your curly men. Whether you keep hair cut short or wear it medium length, men with curly hair can use these tips to get manageable and easy to style hair.

1. Shampoo Less

Even though men can produce up to twice as much scalp oil as women, curly hair still tends to be dry. The coil of hair makes it difficult for the oil to travel down the hair shaft and coat hair. Therefore, skip shampoos and use a moisturizing formula designed for curly hair. Start washing hair every 2 to 3 days. For longer hair, try even more downtime between shampoos. Some men with curly hair swear that a weekly shampoo keeps hair in best condition.

2. Reduce Frizz & Add Curl

Product only provides the promised results when used correctly. Apply product to towel dried hair. If hair is too dry, product won’t be distributed evenly and hair that is too wet will dilute the product, reducing it’s performance. Try using an old t-shirt to dry hair rather than a towel. The softer fabric will protect delicate curls.

Make suret to coat hair thoroughly with product while taking care not to use too much. Rub product in from roots to ends, like when shampooing hair. Use a comb to ensure even distribution. To style, comb hair into place while using fingers to scrunch and enhance curl. Add more product to areas where extra hold is required – like the sides or a cowlick.

3. Air Dry

And now the easy part, let hair air dry. Hands off is the best way to style mens curly hair. From less shampooing to steering clear of the blow dryer. Throughout the day, try not to play with curls. The oils from your fingers can cause frizz. That’s not to say that women should be discouraged from enjoying your curly mane.

Follow these tips for great looking curly mens hair! If you’re looking for a change, check out these hairstyles for men with curly hair.

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