Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Curly Hair on Men: 5 Medium Cuts

There are a few hairstyle options to deal with curly hair on men. First, there are the latest trends of slick hair and the undercut worn with curly hair (like the most famous curly-haired gent Justin Timberlake).  Then there’s cutting hair short so it’s practically maintenance free. Last but certainly not least is letting those curls do their thing by wearing hair medium length.

There are so many types of curly hair - thick, fine, tight curls to loose, that this cut looks a bit different on everyone. This hair type is modern and stylish when worn longer but not in a round ‘fro. Get your stylist to do shape hair into an updated profile.

Curly hair also demands different products than straight hair. It tends to be dry so the best way to combat this is by skipping shampoo but never conditioner. Try the tried and true Wen Cleansing Conditioner or ultra gentle Aveda Be Curly. Both product lines are formulated for curly hair have styling cremes with the right kind of hold.

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