Kamis, 12 Desember 2013

Emo Hair for Guys

Emo hair for guys can be styled from short, medium, and long hair. There are a few defining features of this indie hairstyle so are 5 steps that show you how to get emo hair:

1. Straight – Emo hair is straight. To get it just right, try using a hair dryer and flat iron. Hair often gets wavy when it is longer or air dried.

2. Bangs - Long fringe is the defining feature of emo hair. Wear them brushed forward and angled across to one side – so the bangs cover one eye. Even with short hair, you can wear your hair emo by styling bangs this way.

3. Spikes – Emo hair for guys is a derivative of spiked punk rock hair. Behind the bangs, spike hair up at the back. Try L’Oreal Dirty Clean Wax or D:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme to keep spikes up and bangs in place.

4. Haircut - You want long bangs, texture, and asymmetrical cuts – the sides can be uneven with lots of layers and razor cuts.

5. Color – Wear hair dark, especially black. And you can add streaks of color – blonde, bright blue, cherry red, grape purple, or any color of the rainbow. These are easy to do at home.

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