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5 Medium Hairstyles for Men 2013-2014

The wide range of popular men’s hairstyles for 2013-2014 is due to long hair. Short hair, cut only an inch long or so, doesn’t have the same versatility as medium length hair.

This isn’t all over long hair though. Length is concentrated at the top of the head where it can be sculpted into these medium hairstyle for men.

The cool thing about medium hair is it can be styled in so many ways. Once you get one technique down, whether it’s spikes the slick look or hipster hair, you can use similar methods and products for other styles.

This preppy hairstyle is a more casual version of slicked back hair. It’s a similar styling method but to get this height without heavy product, use a blow dryer, volumizing mousse, and lightweight product like Supremo Magic Move Light.

Spiky hair can be styled Jersey Shore style or more formally, like above. Hair is styled forward from the back and then pulled straight up along the hair line. This tall hair is appropriate for work or special events.

Another great thing about medium length hair is that it can be worn tall. Use a strong product like Gatsby Moving Rubber to get this sky scraping slick hair. A spritz of hairspray like Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray or Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray will set the style all day. Just hold the can a few inches away from hair and give it a light spray.

With undercut sides, it’s easy to get a mohawk for the day. It’s similar to wearing spiky hair but pinch hair together at the center rather than pulling it straight up.

The quiff is spiky hair that comes to a point at the front. Medium length adds extra personality to this outstanding hairstyle. For even more presence opt for a shiny finish product like American Crew Promade with plenty of hold that never makes hair greasy.

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