Kamis, 07 November 2013

The Latest Men’s Hair

After decades of casual men’s trends, dashing and debonaire style has returned. The hairstyles and accompanying fashion don’t take any more time and effort to get Rat Pack worthy results. For men on the cutting edge of style, here’s the newest trend for fall 2013 and spring 2014. Keep reading for the latest men’s hair.

Slicked back hair worn with hair shaved at the sides and back into an undercut have dominated the runways and magazines since last year. The combination is still going strong, especially for men with wavy, curly, and thick hair that benefit from significant pruning.

This clean cut yet edgy look isn’t going anywhere but there has been an update. Similar to the fade, the new version grows hair longer at the top of the head. The undercut starts an inch above the hair, starting with tapering hair down to the skin.

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