Kamis, 21 November 2013

Best Shampoo for Short Hair Men

Buzzed or crewcut hair is so short that you don’t need to use hair products but what about shampoo and conditioner? Here’s the best shampoo for short hair men.

Even with very short hair, shampoo is necessary. The same advice is true for everyone – don’t shampoo every day. Doing so will strip the scalp of natural oils that keep skin and hair moisturized. Too much shampoo will actually increase oil production, leading to greasy skin.

Unless you have specific hair or scalp issues to address, use a shampoo for all hair types like these mild options from MenScience Best Shampoo for Short Hair Men, Woody’s Best Shampoo for Short Hair Men, or Suave.

With short hair, flakes are especially apparent. Use a gentle shampoo like this one from Evergreen Best Shampoo for Short Hair Men or Pureology Best Shampoo for Short Hair Men. If the issue is psoriasis and not dandruff, give Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo Best Shampoo for Short Hair Men a try.

At this length, conditioner isn’t necessary. Conditioner is meant for the ends of hair as opposed to the roots so start using if you want to grow hair longer but until then, regular trips will keep the ends looking sharp.

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