Selasa, 26 November 2013

Crew Cut Haircut for Curly Hair

The crew cut haircut is a cool and easy to style option for curly hair. Unruly hair is cut short enough that it appears to be and is manageable like straight hair. With crew cut hairstyles, hair is cropped close all around the head with a little bit of extra length on top. Be sure to get hair cut by a barber or stylist who is experienced with curly hair. They will know how to cut hair to work with the natural wave pattern of hair, ensuring that curls lay flat rather than form permanent bedhead.

Although this cut can be worn with no styling, this cool version spikes hair up just at the forehead. Another version of this crew cut haircut that would be great with curly hair is the short Ivy League hairstyle with more length on top, which gives it more styling options.

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