Selasa, 26 November 2013

Guide to Men’s Hair – The Arch

Like all fine things in life, a great looking men’s haircut is deceptively simple. Many small elements are involved for a cool and easy to wear end result. One of the these details is the arch – the area between the hairline and ear. This space will vary person to person, and so will how you cut it.

A high arch cuts into the hairline around the ear. You can do this if you thick hair, curly hair, or just like how it looks. Be careful not to go too high, it doesn’t look cool, and can appear messy when growing out. A tight fade can be the way to go if you like high arches.

For an easy to maintain cut, go for the natural arch. The barber will just clean up you hairline with short trimming. Above, you can see how hair around the ear is got slightly shorter for a clean cut yet natural look. At the back, wear a tapered neck and you can get away with an extra week or two between haircuts.

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