Rabu, 13 November 2013

George Clooney Hair

Slicked back hair and a suit go together like a shaken martini and James Bond. That’s why it’s the George Clooney’s red carpet hairstyle. Get the look by starting with the right haircut – shorter crop with a fade on the sides and medium length on top. It’s a longer version of the Ivy League haircut.

To get this George Clooney hair, warm a dab of hair product between the palms and rub evenly throughout dry hair. Try Aveda Men Pure-formance Pomade for a combination of hold and shine suitable for a night out on the town. Next, use a comb to part hair far over on one side in a defined line. Then starting at the front, comb hair up and back across the head. Finish by rubbing another light layer of product to keep hair in place and you’ve got George Clooney hair.

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