Kamis, 21 November 2013

Crew Cut Hair

Cutting hair to crew cut length doesn’t mean you look like you’ve enlisted. Check out this crew cut hair with enough length and shape to be flattering and stylish. Finally a short hair cut that’s best worn with a suit instead of camo.

Skillful contouring and multiple lengths gives this crew cut a tailor made feel. The top of the head is about a quarter of an inch long, tapering down to skin from the temple. At the forehead, hair is left a touch longer for short bangs that soften the hairline.

This is a great cut if you want stylish cut that doesn’t need any product or styling time. If  you don’t want to deal with wavy or curly hair, get a crew cut! Lastly, if you’re making the chop to deal with thinning hair, this is a great looking cut that can be contoured to flatter any head shape.

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