Kamis, 21 November 2013

Crewcut Hairstyle for Men

The crew cut is an enduring short men’s hairstyle that needs just a touch of updating for 2013. To transform the look from 1950s to modern cool, style crewcut hair.

Just a touch of length can add so much versatility and makes this ultra short cut that much more flattering. The first thing any barber or stylist will evaluate is not your hair but your face shape. The cut is then adapted to complement your features.

For a strong jaw, like above, square, or round face, what you want is a little added height. It doesn’t take much thought. This crew cut is very close cut from the neck to above the temples and gets a touch longer towards the crown.

Along the hairline, hair is left to almost an inch for a flattering cut that has some styling options despite being clean cut and short. One great look is the swoop above. Add a touch of gel or wax and pull hair forward and up.

To mix things up, you can also spike hair straight up, make a faux hawk, or go for a quiff inspired rhino horn. At this length, it all looks good.

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