Kamis, 14 November 2013

Spiked Hair for Work

Spiky hair is the signature look of punks, guidos, and bad boys throughout the decades (the Iceman!). It is a cool hairstyle for the club, black tie events, and even weddings. Here’s how to rock spiked hair for work.

Wearing short hair spiked is a masculine hairstyle that adds authority, height, and angles. David Boreanz is a great example of how this hair can be totally professional, especially when worn with a well fitted suit.

For work appropriate spiky hair, keep the sides short and the cut neat with regular trims. Hair can be longer on top but not too long.

The last key is product. Use a pomade, wax, or small amount of hair gel to pull hair straight up. The look can be textured and slightly shiny but never crunchy or greasy.

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