Rabu, 27 November 2013

Mens Hairstyles – Long on Top

For a classic mens hairstyle that gives you all the on trend styling options, go for short sides and long on top. You can be clean cut for work, as show above, and transform into something edgier or more slick at night. A few of the mens hairstyles – long on top lets you style is tousled, spiked, slicked back, and brushed to the side.

For one of the cool preppy-inspired looks, create a side part and brush hair back or off to one side. Add some edge to the clean cut look but shaving sides into an undercut. With wavy hair, the messy look is a natural. For straight hair, just add a little product, ruffle hair and you’re good to go. Last but not least is the Mad Men slicked back look. For extra flair, use a product that combines hold and shine, like L’Oreal Studio Architect Texturizing Wax.

You can’t go wrong with a haircut that’s long on top and short at the sides. You can style the look for any occasion or still look great by doing nothing. The extra length also makes this hairstyle work for wavy of curly hair.

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