Rabu, 13 November 2013

Long Hair and Beard – Slick

Hair on men, especially facial hair, is associated with virility and strength. Wearing a full beard is a symbol of alpha male status – the modern version of a lion’s mane. To fully own the power of a beard, it needs to be groomed. Scruffy overgrown facial hair just looks lazy.

To get the ultimate long hair and beard look, go for slick hair all around – it shows the balance of masculinity and control. Here long and thick hair is worn slicked all the way back. The height and sheen come from a pomade, like this all-natural Rockabilly Rub. Sideburns continue into a close cropped beard. Worn with cheeks exposed in a combination chin strap and handle bars, less shaping would be lower maintenance. To perfect the look, make sure eye brows are kept neat as well and use a beard grooming product.

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